Collection: Vinteek© Earrings Collection (Vintage & Antiques)

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Select a timeless piece from our Vinteek© Collection of Vintage and Antique jewelries.
They are pieces, which kings and queens could have worn that have been preserved for
you to own. Every piece is authentic, gorgeous, and unique. The handmade pieces are
created by African artists using traditional, and non-traditional styles that you will enjoy
for years to come. Why waste your money on mass produced jewelry when you can
simply own pieces of historical treasures? We take our time to restore our jewelries that
are either Vintage because of age, or Antique dating back over 100 years. Even though,
we do not test, the condition of each piece looks either new, good, or used. Some
pieces show signs of time, giving each a distinctive aesthetic that collectors prefer. We
encourage every shopper to own pieces of our Vinteek© Collection, which will become
timeless pieces to be bequeathed to the next generation. Note that each sale is final.

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