Organization, Story & Mission
33Fusion, LLC®, is a holistic, authentic, sustainable, and eco-friendly brand, the first of its kind
to offer Fine Arts and Fashion, in a setting that is part boutique, part art gallery. It is a Sole
Proprietor and Certified Woman and Minority Enterprise (WMBE) founded in the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in October 2019 by Samareign©. She is Owner and Proprietor
of 33Fusion LLC®, an expert in art and design, a certified multidisciplinary artist, millennial
leader, visionary, art curator, the originator of Samareign Graffiti Fashion Shows©, and genius
of the century.

33Fusion®, Launched approximately a month before the pandemic, has become a symbol of
resilience, and inspiration that continues to defy all odds. While thousands of businesses
continue to close their doors, 33Fusoin® remains by the will of Allah, a testament to its
authenticity and uniqueness. Satisfying customers hunger for brands that simply do not exist
beyond the walls of 33Fusion®. We seek to make, handmade fine arts, high-end modest and
African wear, affordable for our customers, while creating the first haute couture modest wear
and African fashion house.

33Fusion® is an art platform and the home for Africans and people of African diaspora, without
looking at countries, regions, or tribes. We preserve and showcase African art, and cultural
heritage, while giving artisans opportunities to earn a living. A place customers nicknamed “the
museum”, receiving the royal customer services treatment, and proudly bringing family
members, friends, and co-workers to introduce them to the African culture, and purchase one of a
kind timeless piece. We envision a greener, healthier planet that is pollution free, by educating
the consumer to shop ethically, and sustainably. We take care of the environment, by mitigating
our carbon footprint, and we encourage everyone to “Be a part of the creative future®”.
33Fusion® also teach Meekliving© to encourage savings for a better standard of living by
supporting the local artists for a better neighborhood future.

It is a shopping experience like no other, customers can enjoy a relaxed, friendly, welcoming
environment, essentially activating four out of their five senses. Upon entering, royal customers can smell the earthy aroma therapy using our eco-friendly Somali incense, and cold pressed essential oils, while they enjoy the visuals, and run their fingers through rich, raw, and silky
fabrics that bring them back to the essence of nature. All while listening to drumbeats and the tunes of live DJs, music performances, and observe one of our year-round art exhibits, book signing, poetry, and dance events. Like a renaissance of a cascade of a long bygone melody of
timelessness that is calling its sons and daughters to come home.

33Fusion® is also a cultural center that focuses on growth and development of artists and people
who are seeking to learn new skills to start their own businesses to improve their standard of living or learn a new hobby. We offer wide range of services, such as artists consultation, and small businesses, art therapy and host art, music, jewelry making, and sewing classes for the locals. We believe collaboration is key, therefore we partner with organizations and educational institutions to integrate individuals to our “creative future®” model.

33Fusion®’s business model is conceived to make every customer feels good while shopping,
knowing that they are supporting an ethical, sustainable brand, and getting the best quality at the
most affordable price. We only use the highest quality fabrics and natural organic products, our
operation also depends on products made from recycled, and repurposed materials. We support
hundreds of artists and artisans locally and from around the world, with a focus to sustain local
economies, and supporting the mission of artists to earn a living from their craft. One of the
outcomes is the preservation of different art forms that are at-risk of extinction. These collections
include the artworks of artists competing against technology and machine-made products that
keep wages low, and marginalizes them, by referring to them as “starving artists”. 33Fusion® is
seeking to change that negative perception by calling them rich artists and foster a healthy
environment for them to grow and develop.

The arts, crafts, clothes, jewelry, and photo collections are made to exceed the taste of the urbanites, and constantly offer new limited-edition creative products. Every customer gets the opportunity to buy from a wide selection of premium oeuvres and specialty items such as original fine arts, Vinteek© (vintage & antique), and handmade jewelry, accessories, crafts, garments, books, herbals, skin and haircare products, Somali incense, OUD oils, and original prints of Samareign© Graffiti Fashion Shows, an ongoing street fashion shows photographed by Doumafis©, which started to preserve the local graffiti art, one of the elements of hip-hop culture, in a digital format, combining the human image with graffiti background. SGFS© received the 202 Guangzhou Award. It is a project that helped to popularize graffiti art and
inspired the city of Boston to start its mural mapping project).

We have a comprehensive business model that took over two decades to perfect and visual art is
a major component of it. We offer affordable fine arts to bridge the wealth gap, build equity, and
diversity investment portfolio. Supporting 33Fusion® is key to see a better planet and future for
us all.