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33Fusion has opened the gates of the ancient world to bring you the best kept secret of trade, OUD oil that has been in use among the royals for millennia. Once the wonderous aroma blends with your senses, you will be instantly waved above the oceans of the world, and the flower of the fields into the magical world of fragrances, the very essence of being well. OUD oil is an integral part of African culture, Islamic tradition, and history of the world as the natural fragrance, with medicinal properties when used in various forms. Just like a person who grows and learns from heartache, there are trees when cut, which become exposed to natural elements, transform to agarwood and the dark substances or resin they release are worth their weight in pure gold. The bliss of absolute desire unleashes the moment our OUD oil touches the skins of the users who instantly realize this is the feeling that they have been missing in their lives. You must use our OUD oils collection to experience this luxurious, sensational, and optimum occasion. once you encounter it there is no going back to mass produced commercial brand names. These OUD oils are pure, alcohol and water free, which are imported from Punt Land and Dubai. The smell, in a sort everlasting, only requires a dap on the skin to last the whole day. Most importantly, they can be mixed with other ingredients, such as lotion, and hair products to produce new fragrance. We recommend using our organic skincare products to get the best results. We carry different varieties of OUD oils that can be used by men and women. For instance, the Women of Paradise©, a fragrance for women, is a light, vibrant, and exciting, sweet aroma undertone of flower and fruit. It is perfect to enfold the night in romance. On the other hand, our unisex, Thousand Years© OUD, has a deep intoxicating earthy aroma. Whatever verity you decide to try, know that you are getting the absolute best. For the best use, apply a small amount of OUD in the palms of the hands to rob on all pressure points, like the wrists, the back of the ears, thighs, and the rest of the body except the face and eyes.

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