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To bring serenity and calmness to your life, you must experience our authentic Somali incense. Once you start using our selection of incense, you will break away, and never go back to using the sticks. Our incense comes from Punt Land, which is the origin of all incense since ancient time. Centuries ago, the Bantu people of the Horn of Africa mastered the art of incense making, which they passed on to the present generation for you to experience the sense of bliss that comes with the smell of burnt incense. Since the launch of our Boutik, the Somali incense continues to be one of the most popular products. We mainly carry three different varieties, the classic, dream, and classic dream mix. The classic mix incense is Ivory in color and has a fresh aromatic sent; the dream mix has an earthy deep aroma scent unlike any other aroma; and the classic dream mix combines the best of both worlds. For best use, add a pinch at a time in your stone or metal burners, using our long burning candles, which can burn for 6 to 7 hours. It must be noted the burnt incense must not be thrown away since it can be reused on a piece of coconut charcoal. Most importantly, our Somali incenses are compatible with metal and/or stone burners, but only the dream mix must be used in ceramic burners. Make sure to purchase the right mix for the right burner because all sales are final.

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