About Samareign©

Samareign© Hassan, is native of KMT, and Punt Land. She is of Nubian, Kushite and Bantu
origin. She is the Owner and Proprietor of 33Fusion LLC®, a Certified Woman and Minority
Enterprise (WMBE) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the first of its kind, founded in
October 2019. She is an expert in art and design, a certified multidisciplinary artist, millennial
leader, visionary, art curator, originator of Samareign Graffiti Fashion Shows©, and genius of
the century. She is in her own lane and vantage point, unparallel to any existing artist in the
modern age.

Samareign© earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and African and Afro-American,
Studies, with a certificate in Peace Conflict and Co-Existence Studies, at Brandeis University,
and two additional certificates, Arabic Interpreting, and Project Management. She is a very
meticulous individual who possesses a gift from birth and continue to walk the path perfecting
her art and craft as a self-developed artist, studying different art forms that earned the status of
expert in her field of interest. Her family traveled to different part of the African continent before
settling in the United States, when she was a teenager. Due to that cross-cultural dynamic, she
can connect effortlessly with Africans, Americans, and Arabic speaking populations. She has
been involved in community building for many years. Recently, she co-led the design of
Oasis@Bartlett, a public plaza at Bartlett Station, a mixed-income housing development in
Roxbury, MA, with her Mentor, Samareign Graffiti Fashion Shows© Series photographer and
company advisor Doumafis, who came up with the concept Development + Art, published in the
Fieldbook of the Boston Society of Landscape Architect.

Samareign© is a trend setter like no other who continues to create, innovate, and inspire
millions of people. In 2019, in real maven style, she started wearing a hat over her hijab in her
iconic Samareign Graffiti Fashion Shows© series, which received the 2022 Guangzhou Award,
to show Muslim girls and women wearing the hijab can be fashionable, stylish, and fun. Hat over
hijab quickly went viral among hijab wearing Youtubers, and social media influencers. She
genetically embodies the African continent. In all her photos, she can be seen holding her
scepter, a symbol of African nobility. She is a leader of leaders in the art world, who fully
supports, “the artists who see themselves as a business”, locally and globally to preserving
different art forms on the verge of extinction. Samareign© is committed to keeping the planet
greener by focusing on sustainability and mitigating her carbon footprint for a better future for
next generations.